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The laboratory conducts various fire tests for construction products, building elements and structural members, such as:

    • Resistance to Fire
The resistance to fire performance test can be conducted according to international fire test standards: ASTM E119, NFPA 251, NFPA 252, EN 1363-1 and EN 13381-4.

    • Reaction to Fire
To monitor the reaction of materials we conduct tests to evaluate Combustibility and ignitability of a material according to BS 476: Part 5, EN ISO 11925-2.

    • Large Scale Fire Propagation
We conduct Flame Spread Tests in accordance with the American Society for Testing Material ASTM E 84-01 to assess the Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials.

    • Fire tests for building joint systems
We perform these tests according to UL 2079, for joint systems of various materials and construction specified for use in linear openings between fire resistive structures.




Our lab presents the assessment service for determining the contribution made by applied fire protection systems to the fire resistance of structural steel members, which can be used as beams or columns. The assessment can be conducted in accordance with European Standard EN 13381-8:2013.



Third-party inspection and quality assurance

Our lab conducts on-site third-party inspections for fire resistance works to ensure that all works up to the needed quality standard; in addition, field testing facilities like dry film coating thickness, pull off andadhesion strength tests are available.


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